TCI News – Clusters in Romania

On the occasion of the upcoming 6th Balkan and Black Sea Conference „Days of Clusters 2015“ to be held in Brasov, Romania, Ionut Tata, President, Innovation and Technology Cluster, Brasov makes a brief overview on clusters in Romania.

Five years ago most people in Romania, from entrepreneurs, opinion leaders, journalists to public authorities, considered a Cluster something curious. But things have radically changed during this time. Not only are there more makers than ever directly involved in Cluster activities such as IT, creative industries or a mix of them, but they also make some really interesting steps forward.

Now we’ve got 15 Romanian Clusters awarded with the bronze medal for excellency in management following a project by the European Secretary for Cluster Analysis. Among them, ALT Brasov, an Innovation and Technology Cluster, contributes to the development, promotion and support of innovative industries in the central region of Romania.

If we’d have to sum up our past years efforts, we’d have a satisfying outcome:

  • Big Romanian cities enjoy the presence of a Cluster starting to make its own mark on the local economy and even more;
  • Clusters are attracting companies with high growth and also intellectual potential, having therefore a greater impact on the community;
  • The various forms of organization of Clusters allow more flexibility in managing activities;
  • Clusters are slowly starting to bridge the gap between complementary industries and to create automatic added value;
  • They directly contribute to attracting additional funding and proliferate creative ideas with entrepreneurial potential;

Focusing on ALT Brasov, this Cluster individualizes itself in the Romanian landscape through three very consistent initiatives with both short and long term benefits. One of them is ALT Festival, an event which will promote technology as a lifestyle in the community. More than 600 participants will interact with practitioners, take part in interactive IT activities and benefit from notable experiences.

On the other hand, another valuable enterprise is the Days of Clusters project which will gather together over 200 remarkable representatives from Clusters all around South-East Europe.

Constantly implementing such projects, ALT Brasov succeeds in creating a proper entrepreneurial ecosystem, facilitates investments and encourages innovation and global connectivity through local products. The Innovation and Technology Cluster proves, once again, collective performance generates consistent opportunities with a long-term impact.

Ionut Tata, President, Innovation and Technology Cluster, Brasov – Romania

source: TCI-Network